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Public launch of Project Supremacy v2 Scheduled For Early January 2016.

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Dec 4th Webinar Replay - Project Supremacy v2 Unveiled

12:05 - Core Features of Project Supremacy & On Page SEO Planning

15:18 - Getting Brand New Domains Indexed & Ranking In Days, Avoiding Sandbox

19:18 - Why Grouping Keywords & Planning Pages Works (2000+ Unique Hits Per Day Site Example)

24:00 - Keyword & Competition Research Inside Your Website With Project Supremacy

26:02 - Automatic Page/Post Creation With Perfect On Page SEO From Planned Keyword Grouping

30:35 - Create QUALITY Content On The Fly Inside Your Website & Assign To Page/Post.  Never leave.

32:30 - Super Fast Interlinks with planned LSI Keywords Inside Page Editor

33:40 - Adding NO-Follow & Masked Affiliate Links From Shortcodes Inside Page Editor

39:20 - Embedding Relevant Youtube Videos Inside Page Editor

39:55 - Creating EXIF Geo-Tagged Images Inside Page Editor (With pre-existing Media Library Images now supported)

46:45 - EASY Button JSON-LD Schema Markup (With Validator recently added)

50:06 - REAL Results From 2 Week Old Users of Project Supremacy

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