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When the timer hits zero, the pricing will be based per install.
Get ready to enjoy some big changes…
And discover what’s being called the SEO…


Project Supremacys 3 Top Features:

Undeniable Proof PSv2 Schema Works

Local Marketing Magic With PSv2

Affiliate Marketing Magic With PSv2

Getting All Your Websites To Climb To The Top Ranks Of Google
Where They Stay
Without Any Link Building, Coding, or Work At All.

Doesn’t Matter If Your Site Is:

Brand New.
Really Old.
Full Of Content. Or,
Virtually Empty.

We Are:

And SEO is our business.

We get our websites at the top of Google..

Pretty much effortlessly… While others sink in the pit of paid traffic…

Our sites stay on top, each turning us profit in a ton of easy ways...

So while you might not have ever seen us on some big fancy sales page before,

We’re here now because turns out...

This Plugin
Is Just Too Damn Powerful Not To Share.

We understand that SEO has taken a “back seat” to some folks who prefer to gamble on paid traffic. These folks might even go so far as to say SEO is dead.

And, well…

We’ve been laughing at that to the bank.

The only reason they think it’s dead is because they aren’t doing it right.

If SEO is dead, that means Google is dead, & you know damn well Google is alive & thriving.

And it’s time for you to enjoy the fruits of LIVING, PULSING, THRIVING Google…

(Fruits like all the sales, subscribers, clients, fans, customers… RESULTS, baby!)

Results for you and all your clients.

How Do We Know You’ll Get These Results?

Because Project Supremacy does your SEO in a virtually unheard of way…

…it’s just sick.

We ain’t talking about mere meta-tags, mad back linking --- no.

That’s why…

The Results Prove Themselves Time & Again…
And when you SEE all the results… you know it works.
Virtually EVERY Site That Has Project Supremacy
Installed Goes Up In Rankings!

Brand new sites, crazy old sites, lots of content, little/no content…

Install the Project Supremacy WordPress plugin… configure just a couple of options… and you can see results SUPER fast:

Yeah there’s proof everywhere ‘cuz that’s how crazy it is.
And that’s how we KNOW this works so well.

So...What Is The
Project Supremacy FIRE
That Makes This All Possible?

Schema is the tiny “micro” data Google picks up to determine your site’s content (and how good it is). Unlike the meta-keywords of old, good Schema is dynamic with your site. And while having that is a real “B” to do manually, Project Supremacy works in the background, perfectly, 24/7, to get this done for you.

And it works beautifully because it’s what Google wants.

EXIF is the micro data that’s taken from your images so that Google gets a really important glimpse into what your website is about. Sites where the EXIF data gets created nearly always outrank those that don’t. And Project Supremacy is going to take care of ALL of that for you.

And Project Supremacy will also be…

All The Content Curating Awesomeness You Will Ever Need
To Have A Beautiful, Busting Site That Gets Loads Of Visitors.

Interlinking, Affiliate links, Youtube Videos, & Pixabay
Can All Be Added With The Push Of A Button.

All Your Keyword Research Included Inside.

PLUS iWriter & iNeedArticles Integration
For Your Site To Have Content In A Flash.

Affiliate Marketing Research Included Right Inside.

Setup Schema On Individual Pages.
Perfect For Multiple Location Sites.

STOP Having To Install 5-10 Plugins On Every WordPress Site You Make.
Project Supremacy Does It All.

This Is All Why
Project Supremacy Is Now
And Forever Will Be
The Insta-Install SEO Plugin For All Your Sites, Ever.

You Can Build An Entire Site From Scratch,
Get Immediate Free Google Traffic, & Profit With
Project Supremacy…

After all, here’s what all that power can do to your bottom line:

Bring you more sales, subscribers, commissions.

Bring more clients to your doors.

Get tons more SEO clients when they see how bada$$ your results are.

And when you claim your Agency License, you’ll also get:

1. Client Hunter Software

Find hundreds of clients who want your services at the push of a button.

This smart software will detect businesses whose websites could use Project Supremacy.

Meaning you can be sure to deliver great results to them, with ease.

Client Hunter will also pull up the relevant contact information so that you can quickly reach out and score new business hassle free.

Retail Value: $197 – Yours FREE For Life When You Get
Project Supremacy Agency License Today.

2. Schema Competition Lookup

Press a button to discover which websites in your niche are already using schema effectively.

Now, of course, most sites will NOT be using schema correctly… but it is always good to know exactly what your competition is doing…

And this is how you spy on them ethically and effortlessly.

Retail Value: $197 – Yours FREE For Life When You Get
Project Supremacy Agency License Today.

This Is The First Time
We’re Releasing Project Supremacy BIG.

We’ve spent months getting it perfect for you.

And we INVITE you to the Project Supremacy with open arms…

First, it’s important to consider how much a rankings boost (or a brand new site at the top of Google) would cost you without Project Supremacy:

You’d have to build or buy 5-10 Private Blog Network links to MAYBE see remotely comparable rankings increases on your site

That could cost you $200-$400 PER SITE that you are trying to rank plus a whole lot of your precious time to either learn how to build a PBN properly, or find the right PBN link seller…and then pay monthly to keep your rankings for a SINGLE site.

You’d have to wait 3-4 weeks to see if the links even worked! PBN’s do work eventually, it’s just that they take so dam long to see the full results from.

PBN links really are UNRELIABLE when compared to Project Supremacy being proven to work in 24-48 hours.

What We’re Really Getting At Here…

For A FRACTION Of The Price That You’d Have To Pay To Get Results For Only A Single Site Using PBN’s, You Can Get BIGGER
GAINS IN LESS TIME With Project Supremacy And…

You can install PSv2 on ALL of your sites with our unlimited license option.

You can avoid expensive PBN monthly fees & building costs.

So Why Not Get MORE Results On MORE Sites For LESS Money!?!
Seems Like A “DUH” Kinda Question Right? We Agree.

Now… It’s time for you to get really excited…


We’re giving away the whole Project Supremacy farm (agency unlimited license) for $497 (with a FISTS OF FURY guarantee), during our grand opening special.

Agency Unlimited includes:

You can install Project Supremacy on any site you create for the rest of time

SAME for all of your clients, forever

You’ll get unlimited upgrades and we upgrade this thing DEVOTEDLY

Live training

Client Hunter software

Schema competition software

BUT if you don’t want to ever have a client, even if they’d pay you a ton for nothing, we understand.

If you don’t ever want a client… you can opt for the Unlimited Personal, or Single

Project Supremacy - SEO Agency Licence
Project Supremacy - Unlimited PERSONAL Licence
Project Supremacy - Single Site License
When the timer hits zero, the pricing will be based per install.

30 Day No Quibble GUARANTEE

Grab your copy of Project Supremacy right now.

If you don't get the results you are looking for, or aren't happy for any reason, you get 100% of your cash back.

We only want you to keep it if you love it. That’s it.


One small investment for Project Supremacy to be your mac daddy insta-install SEO plugin…

Install it on all your sites.. All your friends’ sites (let’s be real, we know that happens)…

All your clients who HAPPILY pay you a minimum of $250 for it each and every install (and you can charge monthly, too)…

All for a “FISTS OF FURY” guarantee that if you don’t like it, we demand you get a refund…

ALL for 497 bucks. It’s so sincerely the best deal.

But At The End Of The Day…The Most Important Thing…
The Thing That Will Most Help You Get What You Want…
Is Making Sure You Get Your Hands On A Copy Of Project Supremacy.

You’ve seen the proof…

You’ve seen the mad science…

You’ve seen our dedication…

Our ENERGY towards getting you results that make a difference…

And now we want to see you.

All you have to do now is click your button below.

We are so amped to see you inside the Project Supremacy members’ area.

Project Supremacy - SEO Agency Licence
Project Supremacy - Unlimited PERSONAL Licence
Project Supremacy - Single Site License


We understand that getting Project Supremacy is an important decision you’ll make today…

And we want to make this decision as easy as possible for you to say yes to…

So let us take a second to answer some of the most common questions we get asked about Project Supremacy:

1. Possible for a newbie to make money with Project Supremacy?


In fact, even if you don’t have a website, or don’t have a product, Project Supremacy is the most useful plugin you’ll download to make money right away.

That’s because with Project Supremacy, you can quickly build an entire website from scratch that will get traffic from Google right away.

You’ll make money from these websites in loads of different ways:

- You can RENT THEM OUT to people who’ll pay $1000/month or more to have their contact info on them.

- You can generate ad revenue from them.

You can generate affiliate commissions from them (like from Amazon).

And maybe best of all…

- You can IMMEDIATELY sell SEO services (which means installing the plugin on client sites) for $250 a pop with the Agency Unlimited License.

The Agency Unlimited license will also include the Client Hunter software… deliver

2. Do I need any technical skills?

None at all. In order to get all that good free SEO traffic with Project Supremacy, you simply have to install the plugin and follow the steps.

You click your mouse a couple of times and boom. That’s literally it – because the underlying power of Project Supremacy is so strong.

There will also be full step-by-step training videos in your members’ area and the world’s best customer support team on hand ready to answer your questions.

3. What are the terms of the guarantee?

You have a full 30 days to decide if Project Supremacy is right for you. We’re confident that you’ll get Project Supremacy and love having it.

If for any reason you change your mind, you’ll just click your mouse in the members’ area and you will receive an immediate refund of your entire investment with no questions asked.

4. How long will Project Supremacy be available?

As soon as the countdown timer above strikes zero, the grand opening special period for Project Supremacy will end.

Prices for all levels will increase to their retail value, and all discounts will be gone.

So if you’re at all curious about Project Supremacy, the smart thing to do is grab it (risk-free) right now for the lowest investment in history. With the ironclad guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

5. OK! How do I get started?

Start by moving your mouse over to the yellow button that best fills your needs…

Remember, the Agency Unlimited deal is by far the best value…

Then you’ll go through the simple, safe, secure, triple-encrypted checkout process…

You’ll then gain immediate access to your private members’ only area, where you’ll be able to download your Project Supremacy plugin, access training videos, additional software, and sign up for the private live member training sessions.

It all starts with the easy act of clicking your green button below, so go ahead and do that, and we’re thrilled to see you in the members’ area in just a second.

Project Supremacy - SEO Agency Licence
Project Supremacy - Unlimited PERSONAL Licence
Project Supremacy - Single Site License