Top Promoters

This is the list of all our promoters including pre-launch, private webbies and launch promotions! Thank you so much for all your support on the launch of Project Supremacy.
1st PlacePaul James
2nd PlaceRyan McKinney
3rd PlaceJohn Pearce
4th PlaceRich Jerk
5th PlaceCarey Baird
6th PlaceWyatt Jozwowski
7th PlaceToney Hayes
8th PlaceBrian Wille
9th PlaceMark Helton
10th PlaceWalt Bayliss

Overall Contest ($9,250 In Cash)

This contest starts at the beginning of the launch and will run until the end.
1st Place$4,000John Pearce
2nd Place$2,000Carey Baird
3rd Place$1,000Wyatt Jozwowski
4th Place$750Walt Bayliss
5th Place$500Paul James
6th Place$300Paul Clifford
7th Place$250Robert Phillips
8th Place$175Hugh Hitchcock
9th Place$150Phillip W Blackwell
10th Place$125Anthony Devine

Speed Contest ($4,500 In Cash)

This is all about speed! Get to the sales qualifier first and win that prize
First to 200$1000John Pearce
First to 100$500John Pearce
First to 75$300John Pearce
First to 50 $200John Pearce

Daily Contest ($1,750 Cash)

The promoter with most sales for each day of the launch will win this prize!
Wednesday 17th$250John Pearce
Thursday 18th$250Wyatt Jozwowski
Friday 19th$250Carey Baird
Saturday 20th$250Carey Baird
Sunday 21st$250John Pearce
Monday 22nd
$250Walt Bayliss
Tuesday 23rd$250Wyatt Jozwowski