Feel Social & PS Bonus Delivery

We know what you bought, now we're going to deliver!


PSv3 Pre Beta Access!

Buy Feel Social, get 2 Site Pre-Beta License of v3.
Buy OTO1, get an additional 4 sites (6 Total).
Buy OTO2, get an additional 4 sites (10 Total).
Buy OTO3, get an additional 10 sites (20 Total).

KeywordSupremacy Credits

Buy Feel Social, get 10 Extra Credits
Buy OTO1, get additional 10 credits (20 Total).
Buy OTO2, get additional 15 credits (35 Total).
Buy OTO3, get additional 15 credits (50 Total).

 AMP Pro Coupon

Buy Feel Social, get $5 Off AMP Pro Coupon.
Buy OTO1, get an additional $5 Off ($10 Coupon).
Buy OTO2, get an additional $10 Off ($20 Coupon).
Buy OTO3, get an additional $10 Off ($30 Coupon).

  1. Delivery of the v3 Bonuses will start on Monday March 13th and will be completed by Friday March 17th.  These are not instantly delivered bonuses.
  2. Keyword Supremacy credits will be appended to your current accounts.  If you do not have an account, you will be given a link to sign up for free.
  3. AMP Supremacy Coupons will be given out when we release the PRO version of the software in about 3-4 weeks time if you are interested in buying the software.
  4. PSv3 Pre-Beta Licenses will not include any Rank Tracking or Keyword Research features.  However, they will be offered when the actual Beta is made available.
However, with your Pre Beta License, you'll still have access to all the upgrades, and new features v3 has including;
  • Manage all your WP sites from single dashboard
  • Upgraded Schema deployment (full schema database)
  • Upgraded PS SEO
  • Upgraded Affiliate Link Manager
  • Upgraded Project Planner
  • Upgraded everything really...it's a whole new ball game.